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Design Services Initial Programming:

Your needs are unique. That's why Wii Projects Inc. works extensively with clients to help establish and quantify their specific space requirements. We factor in considerations of future growth, as well as broader market changes within their sphere of operation.

Comprehensive Space Planning:

Does your program necessitate new construction, or can existing space be retrofitted to suit your needs? What about single or multi-story construction? Urban or suburban? Wii Projects Inc. develops programmed space requirements based on input from you and your key staff, and then applies those parameters to different marketplace alternatives. This, in turn, offers you the most efficient, economic and aesthetic options moving forward.

Construction Specifications:

The Architect or designer, client and contractor all need to be on the same page when it comes to knowing what to expect at a project's completion. Wii Projects Inc., therefore develops specifications to describe particular design and construction details of the space plan and formally define everyone's expectations for the finished space. These specifications include mechanical and electrical requirements, specialty items or built-ins, and a qualitative level for fixtures and finishes.

Cost Estimating and Scheduling:

Client's shouldn't be left to wonder how much their space really costs to build, or how long construction will take. Utilizing the space plans and any specifications, Wii Projects Inc. develops strict cost estimates and schedules and holds all parties accountable to their terms throughout the duration of a project.

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