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The success of Wii Projects and our true strength, lies in the abilities and loyalty of our team. And we have great team! We know that every project is unique and, therefore, the experience and abilities of our people are our most valuable asset.

We have an extensive company-wide mentoring program to share our collective construction knowledge, instill our culture and teach our best practices to those coming forward in our company. We endeavour at all times to provide them with the best tools, as well as project opportunities that are both challenging and rewarding. We respect their contributions, and work hard to engage them in our success and the development of an agile workplace. We know that engaged employees are more innovative and resilient, and we want to ensure their growth and future success with our team.

Partnership is deeply imbedded in our culture. We believe successful projects are a result of an integrated team approach. By managing the process with value-based input and professionalism we can ensure the best outcome for our clients.

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Corporate Culture

At Wii Projects we promote getting outside and breathing fresh air. Whether its skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, hiking, biking, kayaking, snowmobiling, paragliding, ... I think you get the picture, we are advocates of our mountains and all of the splendor they offer. We believe in the healthy body-healthy mind connection.

The mind is the birthplace of idea. Only when an idea is successfully communicated and shared, can it's greatness be attained. We are dedicated to the facilitation of this process through cutting edge technology that is both interactive in function and communicative in message.

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